Quiz: 98% of People Can't Identify These Interior Design Styles. Can You?
98% of People Can't Identify These Interior Design Styles. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

When it comes down to design, it's all about your personal style and how you choose to decorate your home. Not everyone will like the same things, and that's fine. How boring would the world be if we only had one choice, or if we liked the same things? Luckily, we have options. And that is abundantly clear when it comes to interior design styles. 

There are designs known for their 'clean' looks, like modern, minimalist and contemporary. There are designs that have quite a bit of character, like rustic and shabby chic. There are those that look ridiculously expensive, like Regency and French country. And there are those that only a few dare to attempt to emulate, like bohemian, Moroccan, Scandinavian and Gothic. 

This quiz isn't about what you like. It's about all the interior design styles that exist and whether or not you can tell us what they are. So, we want you to test your design knowledge and tell us which style is which, based on what you see in the picture. Do you think you can do it? Or do you need to watch some more HGTV and the DIY Network? Let's find out!

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