Quiz: 98% of People Can't Name All of These Champion Bull Riders from an Image. Can You?
98% of People Can't Name All of These Champion Bull Riders from an Image. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

When you think of hard-hitting sports, you may think about football, hockey or rugby, but one of the most hard-hitting and dangerous sports on the planet is actually bull riding. This is a sport where only a few seconds makes or breaks (literally) the best in the world. You may go home on crutches, or you may go home clutching checks worth millions. So, how much do you know about this death-defying sport? Probably not enough, but at least you can identify these bull riding champions, right? 

Bull riding has a history dating back to the Ancient Minoan culture, but modern bull riding goes back to 16th century Mexico and has gained immense popularity in the last century especially with the release of the mid-'90s movie "8 Seconds," which grabbed onto the sport's interest and propelled it forward to audiences across the country. Known as "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports," there are nearly two deaths a year and dozens of spinal and brain injuries, plus hundreds of breaks, tears, rips and anything else a body can handle. 

So, who are the warriors who take on the bulls? Names like Silvano Alves, Kody Lostroh and Mike Lee make this sport what it is. See how many you can name from an image. Lucky for you, you get more than eight seconds. 

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