Quiz: A Good Day for a Die Hard Quiz
A Good Day for a Die Hard Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

"Die Hard" transformed Bruce Willis from a comedic actor to one of the biggest action stars in the business, and the franchise is still going strong more than 25 years after it began. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this classic!

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What holiday serves as the setting for "Die Hard"?
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What's the name of our hero, played by Bruce Willis?
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What's the first setback McClane experiences in trying to reunite with his wife at the party?
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Who plays villain Hans Gruber in the film?
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Besides English, what language do the terrorists speak in?
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What valuables are the thieves after in "Die Hard?"
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What's the message McClane leaves on the body of the first bad guy to bite the dust?
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What is the name of the LAPD officer sent to investigate the attack?
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What is Sgt Powell buying at a gas station when we first see him?
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What does McClane drop onto Powell's car to get his attention?
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Who is McClane's favorite cowboy, according to what he tells Hans, because of his "sequined shirts"?
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Besides the machine gun, what else does McClane take from one of the deceased bad guys?
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Why do the police initially decide to enter Nakatomi Plaza instead of waiting for the FBI?
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Who tries to negotiate between Gruber and McClane over the detonators?
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Who does McClane give a gun to, thinking that the man is a hostage?
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Who cuts the power to the building?
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What does Gruber demand from the FBI?
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What does a reporter accidentally reveal to Gruber?
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What does McClane trade for Holly's life?
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How does McClane escape from the roof as it explodes?
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Who does McClane use his last two bullets to shoot?
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What does Gruber hang onto to avoid falling from the building?
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Who punches Thornburg for his aggressive and dangerous reporting?
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Who does Powell kill to save Holly and McClane?
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What year did "Die Hard" hit theaters?
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Which of the following is NOT a title of one of the five movies in the Die Hard series?
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True or False: The role of John McClane was initially offered to Frank Sinatra.
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What book is the movie "Die Hard" based on?
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