Quiz: A long way from Brooklyn Heights: A Different World quiz
A long way from Brooklyn Heights: A Different World quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: TMDB

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The kids on "The Cosby Show" thrived at home in Brooklyn Heights with Mom and Dad, but what happens when one of those kids heads off to college? See how much you know about the students at Hillman College with our "A Different World" quiz!

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Which one of the Huxtable daughters is the focus of "A Different World"?
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Who is Denise's very first roommate at Hillman?
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What is Dwayne Wayne's favorite accessory?
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What is the name of Dwayne's best friend?
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What was the name of Marisa Tomei's character on the show?
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What character did Jasmine Guy play on the show?
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Which rapper played Piccolo on "A Different World"?
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Which Huxtable kid is the first to visit Denise at Hillman?
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What does Denise plan to steal to celebrate her first Hillman homecoming?
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Who is Whitley's new roommate when season two premieres?
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What character was played by comedian Sinbad?
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Where was everyone's favorite spot to grab at bite at Hillman?
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Who does Jaleesa pretend to be, to test Walter in season two?
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Which character is nearly raped in the episode, "No Means No"?
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What does Dr. War teach?
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Who plays the role of Scrooge in a season three parody of "A Christmas Carol"?
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Where is the gang pursued by drug dealers on spring break in season three?
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Who narrates the parody of "The Twilight Zone" in season four?
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What character was played by Jada Pinkett?
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Who reveals that they eloped over the summer, during the season five premiere?
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Who does Whitley plan to marry in the season five finale?
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Where do Whitley and Dwayne go on their honeymoon?
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Who makes a cameo as a shoplifter during the season six premiere?
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Who takes over as producer after season one?
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What musical act appeared in the season six episode, "Original Teacher"?
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Where does Dwayne take a job in the final season of the show?
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What role does Billy Dee Williams play in the series finale?
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What was student Shazza Zula criticized for?
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Who sang the show's theme song for seasons two through five?
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How many total season did the show run?
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