Quiz: A Recent Study Gave This Test to 100 People With IQs of 130+ and Only 2% Passed
A Recent Study Gave This Test to 100 People With IQs of 130+ and Only 2% Passed
By: Staff Writer
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About This Quiz

Do you think you have what it takes to crush a broad knowledge quiz? There are many subjects to take an interest in and study, so many that it would be impossible for most to have a handle on them all. It can be hard for some, but some people are true polymaths. A polymath is a person with a wide range of knowledge and skills who has learned about many subjects.  

In the world between science, the arts, psychology, technology, and more there is so much to study and learn. There is so much out there to discover that it is very impressive to be able to discuss even a small portion of it with authority. This is why experts get so much respect across various fields. Mastering a subject is no easy task, but mastering more than one is even more impressive. People with a broad range of knowledge of a wide variety are truly something special. 

If you are a knowledge junkie who thinks you have what it takes to put your brain to the ultimate test and come out on top, take a crack at this tricky quiz that stumped many of those with the highest of IQs! 

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