Quiz: Quiz: Completely Acceptable Words People Think Are Wrong
Quiz: Completely Acceptable Words People Think Are Wrong
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Sure, we all know that new words are being added to the dictionary all the time, but as linguistic purists, we here at How Stuff Works prefer to support the correct way to use language. If you're with us, take this quiz to see if you can identify if these 35 words are wrong... just wrong.

Ok, so the first word that comes to mind when we think about words that are used incorrectly is "valentimes." What is that, exactly? Seriously, "valentimes?" Does that mean it's time for Valentine's Day? The word is "Valentine's" Day, folks, not "valentimes."

So, now that we've gotten that one out of our system, we want to have a short rant about the word "irregardless." Frankly, "irregardless" is just not a word, no matter how hard people try to make it one. The word is "regardless," not "irregardless." Honestly, the day the word "irregardless" is added to the dictionary is the day we're going to just give up.

So, if words like "valentimes," "irregardless," and "alot" (don't even get us started on this one), make your head want to explode (literally), then this quiz is for you.

Let's find out how much you really know about words.

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