Quiz: Can You Ace This American State Capitals Quiz?
Can You Ace This American State Capitals Quiz?
By: Allison Lips
Image: Visions of America/UIG/Getty Images

About This Quiz

It's time for a virtual road trip through the United States. We're going east to Augusta, Maine, south to Honolulu, Hawaii, west to Sacramento, California, and north to Juneau, Alaska. Each capital is in a very different location and has its own unique character. Some have mountains. Others are flat. Some are part of a huge, sprawling metropolis. Others are small. Some were built to be the capital of their state. Others just happened to fall into the role.

Will you discover a new favorite city? Do you like walking around a city discovering its history? Maybe a trip to Boston, Massachusetts is in your future. Are you more interested in the rugged outdoors? Visit Juneau to take in Alaska's natural beauty. Want to spend a week listening to country music? You're going to want to visit Nashville, Tennessee. There's a reason its called Music City. Where are you visiting next?

Can you name more than the capital to your home state? Do you struggle to name the more obscure capitals? Put on your detective hats and make like Carmen Sandiego. It's time to find where in the USA these state capitals are located. Get to matching the state to its capital!

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