Quiz: The Ultimate Brain-Knocking Acrostic Puzzle Quiz
The Ultimate Brain-Knocking Acrostic Puzzle Quiz
By: Staff
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Tired of kicking around with crosswords? Sick to death of Sudoku? Maybe it's time to take on brain-crunching acrostics puzzles. But do you have the courage to wade into this puzzling fray?

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To what type of game is an acrostic puzzle most similar?
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Which famous author was known for constructing word puzzles similar to acrostics?
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The ultimate goal of an acrostic puzzle is usually to unveil what sort of famous thing?
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What famous religious symbol is derived in part from an acrostic?
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Some experts think acrostic puzzles might be good for what?
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Acrostic puzzles are also known as what?
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What structural similarities do acrostic puzzles share with crosswords?
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In an acrostic puzzle, what signals the end of a word in the diagram?
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What sort of skills are probably most useful for completing an acrostic puzzle?
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Which aspect of digital acrostic puzzles makes them more time-efficient to complete than paper versions?
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What's the name of one of the most famous acrostic poems?
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In addition to revealing a quote, some acrostic puzzles also unveil what?
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What should you do if a nonsense word appears in your acrostic puzzle diagram?
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Which newspaper regularly publishes acrostic puzzle books?
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