Quiz: Admiral, Captain, or Lieutenant: Which Rank Will You Reach in the Navy?
Admiral, Captain, or Lieutenant: Which Rank Will You Reach in the Navy?
By: Teresa M.
Image: arsenik/ E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Ten-hut! After you worm your way through boot camp, how far will you make it up the Navy ladder? Let's talk about your dreams and attitude, and we'll let you know if you would make a better admiral, captain, or lieutenant. Whether you've recently enlisted in the Navy or you have been considering it, this quiz will motivate you to step up to the military plate and shoot for the stars. 

During this quiz, we will ask you to answer a series of questions. Your job is to pick the response you think fits you and your personality best. We will try not to ask too many invasive questions, but we will ask just enough to get to know you reasonably well. We'll focus on things like your work ethic and your leadership skills. Then, we will match you with the Navy Rank you would reach within a few years. 

While a few of you might not make it all the way to admiral, captain, or lieutenant, be assured that there is a Navy rank there for you, too. It's time to put on your dress blues and channel your dedication to your country. Then, we'll tell you how far you'll go!

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