Quiz: Adventures in Falling Quiz: Can you stomach it?
Adventures in Falling Quiz: Can you stomach it?
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If you can take this quiz and pass it, that's great. If you can take this quiz and pass it while upside down on a roller coaster, even better.

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True or false: That stomach dropping sensation is harmful to your health.
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True or false: Similar to the classic toy, the Slingshot thrill ride utilizes a stretchy band to propel the passenger capsule upward.
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It's sure not the toy you played with as a kid: How high can the Slingshot ride launch the passenger capsule?
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At what speed does the passenger capsule on the Slingshot travel after it's released?
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What's the maneuver called where a pilot puts an aircraft into a vertical climb then abruptly turns the nose down into a dive?
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Which is NOT a popular stunt plane?
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Some people will do crazy things to get in the record books. Take Curtis Rivers, for example. He made the highest altitude bungee jump on record in May 2002 when he leapt from a hot air balloon hovering at what height?
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Planning a bungee vacation? Then you'll have to visit this spot, the highest commercial bungee jump in the world:
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Where are the "land divers" that inspired the founders of modern bungee jumping?
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True or false: Passengers in ZERO-G's G-FORCE ONE aircraft actually experience zero gravity.
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To give its passengers the feeling of weightlessness, the G-FORCE ONE makes a series of aerobatic maneuvers known as what?
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Along what segment of the parabola do passengers on the G-FORCE ONE experience weightlessness?
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Because of the ups and downs of its flight pattern, NASA’s version of the G-FORCE ONE earned what nickname?
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True or false: Wheeled roller coasters have been around since the late 1700s.
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Look out below! How high does the Kingda Ka roller coaster take its passengers?
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What invention revolutionized roller coaster construction in the 1950s?
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Hold on to your seats! Where can you find the world's fastest roller coaster?
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