Quiz: Dollars and Sense: Advertising Challenge
Dollars and Sense: Advertising Challenge
By: Staff
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Product placement, advergaming, commercial jingles...the world of advertising is all around us. See how much you know about it in our Advertising Quiz.

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A form of advertising that features real-life scenarios with the product positioned in the background is called:
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What do advertisements use to leave their brand message in the minds of consumers?
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What's the most frequently used word in slogans?
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An ad slogan set to a memorable melody is called a:
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What company is responsible for the top commercial jingle?
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What are slogans called in the Netherlands?
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What are the pleasantly melodic, easy-to-remember hooks of jingles called?
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What's starting to replace jingles in commercials?
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Small, rectangular advertisements that appear on Web pages are called:
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An Internet advertisement that appears in its own, small browser window is called a:
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