Quiz: Keeping Cool: Air Conditioner Quiz
Keeping Cool: Air Conditioner Quiz
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About This Quiz

Are you all steamed up because your air conditioner is on the fritz? Knowing some basics about how your air conditioner works will help you keep your cool. Test yourself to see how much you know about the indispensable air conditioner.

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Air conditioners can be compared to what other household appliance?
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Air conditioners also help __________ the air.
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The __________ of your home determines your air-conditioning needs.
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For most consumers, what is the determining factor when purchasing an air conditioner?
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What is an easy and affordable way to cool a small space?
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What is the main mechanical difference between a window unit and a larger split unit?
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What part of the air-conditioning unit helps to clean the air?
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If you don't see the compressor outside a building, where else should you look?
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An air-conditioning system with a high energy efficiency rating generally has a ___________ price tag.
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What is the least expensive cooling system for large buildings?
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What is the most energy-efficient cooling system for residential use?
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How can you recoup the cost of an expensive but efficient air-conditioning system?
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Passive cooling is air-conditioning without what?
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How many ice air-conditioning systems exist worldwide?
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