Quiz: Flying High: The Aircraft Quiz
Flying High: The Aircraft Quiz
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About This Quiz

Manned flight has altered the course of humanity. From breaking the sound barrier, to flying around the world on a single tank of fuel, humans have used airplanes to push the boundaries of exploration and limits of endurance.

Aerospace history is filled with jaw-dropping statistics and amazing personalities. Did you know that two different unrelated pilots with the surname, Yeager, broke separate aircraft records?

Do you know that the most mass-produced airplane in the world isn't a commercial jet? Do you know what it is? Do you know what metal you can't bring on an airplane because it might react with the aluminum? 

Don't be surprised at the amount of fuel Boeing 747 can hold, or how wide the wingspan of a Dreamlifter cargo plane is. The cruising speed of a commercial jetliner might even surprise you! From the Wright brothers to Dick Rutan, do you know how many major historical figures were involved with bringing air travel into the modern age?

Find out how much you know about the aircraft of the world. If you're a true aircraft whiz, then this quiz should be easy! 

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The Cessna 172 Skyhawk was first produced in what year?
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Which is considered one of the most successful fighter planes in history?
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The Wright brothers flew the first engine-powered airplane in what year?
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The Boeing 747's wingspan measures how many feet?
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The F-111 Aardvark was deployed heavily during which war?
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Which single-engine aircraft company has sold more planes than any other?
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How many people died in the most deadly aircraft accident?
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In the 1930s a DC-3 could cross America with how many stops for refueling?
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Roughly what is the likelihood of surviving a plane crash?
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Which model is the longest continuously produced military aircraft?
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Approximately how long does the oxygen last in a plane's emergency masks?
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Which plane recorded the highest speeds in history?
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How long did it take the supersonic jet, Concorde, to fly from Paris to New York?
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For roughly how long was the Lockheed SR-71 the world's fastest aircraft?
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Which country's air force has the last flying F-14 Tomcats?
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Boeing's Dreamliner gets what percentage better fuel efficiency over the Boeing 767, which it replaced?
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In total, how much wiring is there in a wide-body Boeing 747?
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Which fighter jet is often called the "Viper" by its pilots?
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Which substance is not allowed on flights because it can damage a plane's aluminum construction?
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Boeing spent roughly how much money developing its landmark Dreamliner?
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What was the only British fighter to be produced throughout the entirety of World War II?
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What is the approximate cruising speed of a commercial jet?
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The first Boeing Dreamliners were plagued by which infamous problem?
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In what year did the Voyager fly around the world without landing or refueling?
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Ballistic Recovery Systems is most famous for creating what product?
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What is the B-2 Spirit better known as?
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Roughly how many gallons of fuel can a Boeing 747 carry?
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What is roughly the maximum takeoff weight of the Dreamlifter cargo plane?
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What sort of plane did Chuck Yeager fly to break the sound barrier?
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