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If your idea of roughing it is going without room service, then Alaskan camping may not be for you. Take this quiz to see if you have what it takes.

What is the environmentally responsible thing to do with your used toilet paper on a camping trip?

You were probably hoping for burning or burying. Unfortunately, the right thing to do is pack up that used toilet paper and dispose of it in the proper receptacle.


While camping, what should you always do before putting on your hiking boots?

Spiders and scorpions love dark, moist spots, like the inside of your hiking boots. Knock them out before you put on your boots in the morning.


True or false: Biodegradable camping soap is fine to use in a river.

Small amounts of biodegradable soap are OK for the ground, but even camping soap shouldn't be used in the river.


If approached by a bear at your campsite, you should:

A slow retreat may be all that's needed to give the bear a wide enough berth to leave you alone. Bear spray should be used as a last resort, and you should have some with you at all times.


When it comes time for a No. 2, where should you do your business?

Rock climbers won't appreciate your waste on their playground, and rivers should never be soiled. Dig yourself a hole and go to town, then bury it afterward.


Where should you store your food on a camping trip?

You're sleeping among the bears in Alaska. Just as Yogi Bear steals pic-a-nic baskets, real bears can and will break into your car or tent, so hang your food in a sealed container suspended high up between two trees.


When hiking on a narrow trail, who should get the right of way?

Forget age, it's all about who's going in what direction. It's more difficult to maintain a steady pace when going uphill, so downhill hikers should always yield.


How should you leave a campfire when vacating your site?

To properly put out a campfire, you should heavily douse it with water and make sure it's not smoking. Then, bury it for good measure.


What's a necessity for any camping trip?

Sometimes, you can make do with less-than-great equipment, or even none at all. But you should always carry a first-aid kit with you on any camping trip, especially in the wilds of Alaska.


How are camping sleeping bags typically rated?

Sleeping bags are rated according to the lowest temperature at which they'll keep you warm. Alaska gets pretty cold at night during certain times of the year, so be sure to research temperatures before packing.


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