The Suspenseful Alfred Hitchcock Movies Quiz


Which actor headlined Hitchcock's "Rear Window?"

This 1954 film also featured Grace Kelly.

On how many films did Hitchcock serve as director?

He isn't credited on all of them, though.

For how many Academy Awards was "Rebecca" nominated?

It won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1940.

In which year did Hitchcock release his directorial debut?

The movie was called "The Pleasure Garden."

What role does Paul Newman play in 1966's "Torn Curtain?"

The Cold War-era movie also stars Julie Andrews.

Which movie is strongly influenced by a real-life story?

In the story, an innocent man becomes an accused criminal.

Which of the following Hitchcock films served as wartime propaganda?

It was about a proposal to create the United Nations.

Where is 1939's "Jamaica Inn" set?

Hitchcock moved to the United States after making this one in England.

Bruce Dern was a star in which Hitchcock film from 1976?

Kidnappers and con artists collide in this campy movie.

The movie "Spellbound" opens with a quote from which writer?

"The fault…is not in our stars, but in ourselves…"

Which film features English families battling over land?

The two families are named the Hillcrists and the Hornblowers.

How many times was Hitchcock nominated for Best Director?

And he never won.

Which film starred both Ray Milland and Grace Kelly?

In the movie, Kelly plays a married woman who has an affair with a writer, played by Robert Cummings.

A beguiling psychopath meets a tennis player in which movie?

Roger Ebert has said he thinks this is one of Hitchcock's best films.

Universal forced Hitchcock to change the ending of which movie?

The Cold War film didn't receive particularly good reviews from critics.

How many silent Hitchcock films are still available?

Of course, most of his films featured full audio.

Who won an Academy Award for Best Song for "The Man Who Knew Too Much?"

The song was named "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)."

Which film was created to make it look as if it was shot in real time, in one long take?

One scene is more than 10 minutes long; many others are nearly as long.

The plot for "Lifeboat" is sparked by an attack on a ship during which conflict?

The entire film, which is an hour and a half long, is set on the lifeboat.

Which film stars Michael Redgrave?

Redgrave also appeared in 1936's "Secret Agent."

Which film is the only one released by Paramount and still owned by the company of the same name?

Paramount's other Hitchcock titles were sold to Universal Studios.

Why did Hitchcock try to buy all copies of the book "Psycho?"

The cast was also ordered not to talk about the plot.

Why did Walt Disney reportedly refuse to let Hitchcock use Disneyland to film scenes for "The Blind Man?"

In the end, the project was never completed.

Which movie was based on a story written by Daphne du Maurier?

The acclaimed film shows a series of strange and scary bird attacks in California.

What contributed heavily to the fact that "The Short Night" was never completed?

He died just a few years after beginning the project.

Which movie was the first to use a dolly zoom, a technique that zooms a zooming lens?

The effect made audiences feel disoriented, which is exactly what Hitchcock had in mind.

In which year was "Psycho" selected for preservation in the National Film Registry?

This movie is roundly regarded as one of Hitchcock's best.

What occupation does Ingrid Bergman have in "Spellbound?"

The bizarre story centers around a mental institution in Vermont.

In "Psycho," how much money does Marion Crane embezzle before winding up at a lonely motel?

Given the events that follow, we can say that karma caught up to her in a big way.

Which film is the only one based on an original screenplay written by Hitchcock?

It's about a love triangle involving a boxer.

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