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The food can be out of this world once you travel beyond Earth's atmosphere — which may not be a good thing. Take our quiz to see how much you know about weird alien cuisine!

What color is bantha milk?

Characters on "Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope" drink bantha milk, a blue beverage that comes from the elephantlike banthas.


What does Klingon dish gagh consist of?

On "Star Trek," gagh is a dish of serpent worms served live.


True or false: There are more than 51 varieties of gagh.

Klingons feast on at least 51 kinds of gagh, which are distinguished by the type of worms used and how the worms react when swallowed.


What is the live-worm dish called on "Babylon 5"?

The characters on "Babylon 5" have their own wormy dish called spoo, which is similar to the Klingon's gagh.


In which movie do characters imbibe in a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster?

This intense alcoholic drink is featured in the 2005 flick "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."


On "Dune," where does spice come from?

The famous "Dune" spice is made from secretions left behind by giant desert worms.


In the Klingon world, what is a targ?

Klingons dine on heart of targ, a dish consisting of the heart of a wild boar over a bed of fresh greens.


What creatures do the Skeksis eat on "The Dark Crystal"?

In one memorably disgusting scene in the 1982 film, viewers are treated to several minutes of the Skeksis dining on the cute, grublike Nebrie.


What does Jabba the Hutt snack on in "Return of the Jedi"?

Jabba noshes on Klatooine paddy frogs, which he brines in brandy for extra flavor.


What color is Romulan ale?

The Romulans must know their alcohol, because a single drink of Romulan ale ensures instant drunkenness for the drinker — whether he is human or alien.


What alien race dines on pipius claw?

The Klingons feast on pipius claws, which come from a two-toed animal and resemble the foot of a chicken.


What does Dr. Lazarus snack on in "Galaxy Quest"?

In the 1999 film "Galaxy Quest," Dr. Lazarus enjoys a delicious meal of Kep-mok blood ticks.


What is the preferred beverage of the aliens on "Alien Nation"?

The Newcomers in the 1988 film "Alien Nation" get drunk off sour milk. Yum.


In "Star Wars," what does Yoda bring Luke to eat before Jedi training?

Yoda prepares a dish of rootleaf stew, consisting of seeds, spores and bark, to prepare Luke for Jedi training.


On "Star Trek: The Next Generation," what does oskoid resemble?

Oskoid, which appears several times in the series, is a dark yellow cabbagelike dish with warm sap running through its thick veins.


Which of these is used to make Jawa Juice?

Jawa juice consists of fermented grains and bantha hide. No wonder Obi-Wan turns down the beverage when it's offered to him in "Star Wars."


True or false: "Futurama" fans — all colors of Neptunian slug are pretty much the same.

The yellow slugs make a fine meal, while the purple ones will give you terrible, nightmarish diarrhea. Choose wisely.


What do the Devidians on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" eat?

These aliens feast on energy strands created from the flux generated during a humanoid's last moments of life.


What year was the movie "Soylent Green" released?

Set in 2022, the 1973 sci-fi flick "Soylent Green" features a future society surviving by eating a product called soylent that's made from people.


Which sci-fi series features the beverage bloodwine?

On "Star Trek," Klingon warriors drink bloodwine, which is best served warm.


What is the crew's favorite fast food on "Futurama"?

Popplers are so delicious that the crew continues eating them even after learning that they are made from adorable little creatures.


What alien race on "Star Trek" partakes in a dish of flaked blood fleas?

On "Deep Space Nine," the Ferengi enjoy their favorite delicacy, flaked blood fleas.


What is at the end of a jumja stick?

On "Deep Space Nine," characters are seen chowing down on jumja sticks, a sweet treat made by spinning a hunk of tree sap onto the end of a stick.


What is the secret ingredient in Slurm cola?

The "Futurama" crew is disgusted to learn that Slurm cola consists of anal secretions from the Wormulon Queen. Of course, this doesn't stop them from drinking the cola.


What gadget gives the crews on "Star Trek" their meals?

The men and women of "Star Trek" take their meals from the Replicator, a device that synthesizes food on the spot.


What does iguana taste like, according to Dr. Daniel Jackson?

After tasting iguana on "Stargate," Dr. Jackson remarks that it "tastes like chicken."


True or false: Ewoks are probably cannibals.

They may look cute and cuddly, but the Ewoks try to cook and eat Hans and Luke in "Return of the Jedi."


What does Cale Tucker get stuck eating on "Titan A.E."?

Tucker tries to find some nonliving food but ends up with a plate of beetle sashimi.


What does Dennis Quaid's character dine on in "Enemy Mine"?

Quaid's character is less than thrilled to sit down to a meal of alien grubs in this 1985 flick.


How does Pizza the Hutt die in "Spaceballs"?

The half pizza, half crime lord eats himself to death in the 1987 "Star Wars" parody.


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