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In this decades-old franchise, Ellen Ripley's intelligence and toughness counters a terrifying extraterrestrial threat. How much do you know about the "Alien" movies?

What's the name of the ship in "Alien?"

The movie begins with a crew of seven; by the end of the movie that number has drastically dropped.


In which year was the first "Alien" movie released?

It is the rare movie that still tingles the spine decades after it hit theaters.


How long did it take to film the first movie?

The post-production work took longer than shooting.


How many movies are there in the "Aliens" franchise?

The first three are numbered, the last is titled "Resurrection"


How does Ripley die at the end of "Aliens 3?"

But she takes the alien queen with her.


"Alien" provided a breakthrough role for which celebrity?

Weaver's captivating performance made her a Hollywood star.


What was the approximate budget for the first film?

It was a relatively small budget that paid immense dividends financially…and culturally.


Including prequels, what year was the most recent "Aliens" movie released?

"Prometheus" was released in 2012, and another "Aliens" film is in the works.


How long was the first edit of "Alien?"

After review, the production team decided that the two-hour version was better.


After the end of "Alien," how long does Ellen Ripley float through space in suspended animation?

By the time she's rescued, the better part of a human lifetime has passed.


What is the official name of the alien creatures?

The movies never spell exactly what the aliens are supposed to be called.


In "Alien," which crew member has secretly been ordered to preserve an alien and give it to the corporation that's funding the expedition?

Once Ellen unearths his plan, Ash tries to kill her.


Who created the story for "Alien?"

He also wrote the screenplay for the first film.


How many Academy Awards did "Alien" win?

It won the award for Visual Effects.


James Cameron directed which of the franchise's films?

He also write the 1986 film.


In "Aliens," which character wants to profit by using the aliens as biological weapons?

Burke winds up shamed…and dead.


How many Academy Awards has Sigourney Weaver won for her parts in the "Alien" franchise?

She was nominated for Best Actress after "Aliens" but didn't win.


In which film does Winona Ryder have a major role?

She plays Annalee Call, who is actually an android.


In "Aliens," who plays Private Hudson?

Ripley rescues him once, but he still winds up as part of the movie's extensive body count.


Which of the franchise's films has the longest running time?

At 137 minutes, its longer than all of the other films; a second cut of "Aliens 3" runs 145 minutes


Why did director David Fincher distance himself publicly from "Alien 3," which didn't fare as well as the previous films?

The movie flopped in America but actually made money; it is considered a letdown after the first two installments.


What's the nickname of the girl who is traumatized by an alien attack in "Aliens?"

Ripley saves Newt repeatedly, refusing to abandon the innocent child in spite of the risks to herself.


What was the approximate budget for "Aliens: Resurrection?"

The franchise's sustained success makes it easier for executives to believe it is a solid investment.


How many clones do researchers create in an effort to separate Ripley from alien DNA?

After eight tries, they succeed, but there is still some lingering effects that alter Ripley's characteristics.


What was the name of the android in "Prometheus?"

David is a star of the show even after being beheaded.


In "Aliens 3," how does Newt die?

She survives horrific alien encounters, and then dies when a shuttle crashes.


Which Hollywood studio company created all of the films?

The franchise has earned the company hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.


How does Ripley kill the alien queen at the end of "Aliens?"

The alien is set adrift in the vacuum of space.


How many years after "Aliens 3" does the story in "Resurrection" take place?

By then, the horrors of the first three movies have faded, setting the stage for the horrors of "Resurrection."


In "Aliens 3," why do the aliens stop short of killing Ripley?

And it is, unfortunately, an embryo of the alien queen, setting off another terrifying chain of events.


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