Quiz: All-in-one Food Processor Quiz
All-in-one Food Processor Quiz
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About This Quiz

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may already be familiar with this compact food prep miracle worker. If not, now is a good time to learn about the all-in-one food processor.

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When was the first food processor invented?
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What was the first food processor model called?
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What's one of the commonly cited benefits of using an all-in-one food processor rather than doing prep tasks by hand?
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What does an all-in-one food processor's S-shaped blade typically do?
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What do an all-in-one food processor's metal discs typically do?
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What is the benefit of chrome or steel parts on a food processor?
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How is an all-in-one food processor's size measured?
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When shopping for a food processor, what should a buyer consider about the appliance's feed tube?
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Which company introduced the food processor to the U.S.?
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Which of these is NOT a common all-in-one food processor function?
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Where does a user typically attach a blade to a food processor?
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What is a common function of a baby food producer?
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What is the first thing that a buyer should consider when purchasing an all-in-one food processor?
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