All the animals come out at night: Taxi Driver

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What is Travis Bickle's job?

Travis Bickle drives a cab.

Travis is a former Marine and veteran of what war?

Travis is a former Marine and is a Vietnam vet.

What's the patch on the left arm of Travis' jacket?

Travis Bickle wears a jacket with a company patch on the arm, for King Kong Company.

How does Travis Bickle describe himself?

Travis describes himself as God’s lonely man.

What does Travis order at the adult movie concession stand?

Travis orders Chuckles, Goobers, a Clark bar, popcorn and RC Cola.

Where does Travis first see Betsy?

The first time Travis sees Betsy is outside the Palantine campaign headquarters at 63rd and Broadway. And she appeared like an angel, in a white dress.

For whose political campaign does Betsy work?

Betsy campaigns for Charles Palantine.

What office is Charles Palantine running for?

Sen. Charles Palantine is running for president.

Where does Travis take Betsy for pie and coffee?

Travis takes Betsy to Charles Coffee Shop on Columbus Circle.

What does Travis order on his pie and coffee date with Betsy?

While Betsy orders coffee and a fruit salad, Travis has a slice of apple pie topped with melted cheese and a cup of black coffee.

When describing Travis, which Kris Kristofferson song does Betsy quote lyrics from?

They lyrics are from Kris Kristofferson's "The Pilgrim," from the album "The Silver Tongued Devil and I."

Legendary composer Bernard Herrmann scored "Taxi Driver" and which other blockbuster?

Bernard Herrmann composed dozens of recognizable scores, including "Citizen Kane," "Psycho" and "Cape Fear." He passed away after composing the score for "Taxi Driver."

How did Robert De Niro prepare for the role of Travis?

De Niro was a NYC cab driver, working 12-hour shifts for a month to prepare for the role.

Travis looks into the mirror, pulls a gun while looking at himself, and says, what?

De Niro looks in the mirror and delivers the line, "You talkin’ to me?"

Who inspired Robert De Niro's improvised line, "You talkin' to me?"

Robert De Niro improvised the famous line, along with the rest of the mirror monologue. One story goes that De Niro caught a Bruce Springsteen show, where The Boss asked his audience, "You talkin' to me?" The only person who really knows is De Niro.

Who plays Matthew "Sport" Higgins, Iris' pimp?

Harvey Keitel plays the character "Sport" (aka Matthew).

When Iris' cigarette burns out, what happens?

When that cigarette burns out, your 15 minutes with Iris is up.

How old is Iris "Easy" Steamsma?

Iris "Easy" Steamsma is 12 years old, as was Jodie Foster at the time she was cast.

Who was considered for the role of Iris before Jodie Foster got the part?

While 12-year-old Jodie Foster got the part, she wasn't Martin Scorsese's first choice. He also considered Linda Blair, Bo Derek, Melanie Griffith and Mariel Hemingway, among others, for the role.

Who is Sport dressed to look like?

Iris' pimp Sport is dressed like the character Chief Scar in John Ford's film "The Searchers."

Why do Iris and her pimp Sport get along?

According to Iris, she and Sport get along because they're both Libras.

Where does Iris imagine she'd go if she left Sport?

Iris sees herself living at a commune in Vermont.

What does "take it on the arches" mean?

"If you're gonna break my chops, you can take it on the arches," is slang for, "if you're going to give me a hard time (break my chops), you can leave (take it on the arches)."

Where do the night shift cabbies -- including Wizard, Dough Boy, Charlie T and Travis -- go for coffee breaks?

The night time cabbies go to the Belmore Cafeteria for coffee and gossip.

What gun does Travis buy from Easy Andy?

Travis buys all three of these guns from Easy Andy.

From now on, it will be how many push-ups and how many pull-ups for Travis every morning?

From now on, Travis' routine will be 50 push-ups and 50 pull-ups every morning.

Before his attempt to assassinate Sen. Palantine, what kind of haircut does Travis give himself?

Travis shaves his hair into a mohawk.

What name does Travis give the Secret Service agent for information about joining their service?

Travis gives the name Henry Krinkle to the Secret Service agent.

What is Sen. Palantine's campaign slogan?

Charles Palantine's presidential campaign slogan is "We Are the People."

What is Travis waiting for?

Travis is waiting for the sun to shine.

Who dies in the gunfight at Sport's brothel?

After failing to assassinate Palatine, Travis goes to the brothel and kills Sport, a bouncer, as well as a mafioso.

Travis attempts to kill himself after the brothel shootings. Why didn't he?

Travis fires off several shots into his own head, but the gun is empty.

Where does Iris go after Travis rescues her?

According to the letter her father writes to Travis, Iris, after the brothel killings, goes home to her family in Pittsburgh.

How much of the film's total budget of $1.8 million was used to pay the actors?

Because everyone who signed on to make the film agreed to a pay cut, less than $200,000 of the total $1.8 million that went into making the movie paid for actor salaries.

Where is Travis Bickle's jacket now?

Travis Bickle's jacket is kept at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas.

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