Am I Cold-Blooded?

Emily Maggrett

Your crush asks you if you like them for real ... in front of the whole class. Do you blush?

A friend asks you what's going on with you lately; you seem troubled. What do you tell them?

Let's say you're at work when your partner calls. They're dumping you, today. What do you do?

Your BFF got her eyebrows microbladed and they look BAD. She asks you if they're cute. What do you say?

A work colleague's daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies. Most people in your office are buying a box. Will you?

Imagine that you're back in middle school again. The new kid in your class keeps getting bullied, because they're not well-off. Do you defend them?

What's your Harry Potter House? BE HONEST.

The local classical music station is struggling to stay open. Will you throw them $5 or let other people worry about it?

Your grandma gives you a framed photo of you two that is tremendously unflattering ... to you, not Grandma. Do you put it up in your home anyway?

A friend is in need of a job. Your workplace is hiring, but you're not sure if your friend is actually reliable. Do you recommend them?

It's early December. Carolers come to your door, singing of Yuletide cheer. Do you invite them in for cocoa?

Your main squeeze believes in ghosts. You don't. One night she asks you if you'll come to a seance with her. What do you say?

Your mom just scored her first art show. Her work is ... not great. Your dad pressures you to buy a piece. Your response?

A hungry cat keeps visiting your yard and stealing your cat's food. What do you do?

If your cousin asked to use your address so her child could attend a better school, would you say yes?

An old teacher is being honored with a statue on your high school's grounds. She asks you to come to the ceremony, but it would be a three-hour drive for you. Do you attend?

At prom, your date gives you a beautiful corsage ... that you're allergic to. Would you wear it anyway?

A little kid on the subway spills soft-serve ice cream all over your expensive wool jacket. His mom offers to pay your dry-cleaning bill. What do you say?

One Sunday at the grocery store, you see a broke-looking woman shoplifting baby food. Do you narc on her?

Imagine that your niece or nephew is playing a small role in their school play. Your sibling asks you to support them by buying a ticket. Do you?

An elderly coworker is so boring that no one ever lets him finish a story. What do you do when he's talking to you?

Your crush is ill. They don't want you to get sick, so they tell you to avoid them. Do you bring them chicken soup anyway?

Let's say you have a child who's bad at sports. Would you encourage them to play anyway, for "the love of the game"?

Your partner just made you a romantic home-cooked meal and it's ... terrible. Do you choke it down regardless?

Imagine that your sister just had a son. She asks you if you want to hold him. You've never held a baby before. Do you take him?

Last week, you discovered that an annoying colleague is actually a neighbor. Because he's broke, he takes the bus, even in terrible weather. Do you ask him if he wants to carpool?

One night, you pass a homeless person holding out a can for change. Do you give them a dollar or pass them by?

Your neighbor, whom you've never met until today, wants to borrow your lawn mower. What do you say?

Imagine that you despise your partner's best friend. Yesterday, you found out that he or she is cheating on their spouse. Do you rat them out?

Would you give up potential career greatness to be a good parent to your future kids?

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Image: Muhammad Owais Khan / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Ask anybody on the street whether they think they're a good person, and you'll probably get a "yes" from every single individual you talk to. But the fact is, at least some of them are wrong! After all, if all the people in the world were nice, life would be a lot easier, right? We'd live in a paradise of folks who always said "please," never asked favors and didn't merge into your lane at the last minute.

But that's not reality. In the real world, some people are nice, some people are mean and some people are looking out only for themselves. Helpful people get called "warm-hearted," mean people get called "evil" and self-focused people get called "cold." If you're curious about which category you fall into, this is the quiz for you!

We're going to ask you about how you'd react in a number of life situations, from being asked a favor to being dumped while still at work. Based on your responses, we'll calibrate whether you're a chilly Hannibal Lecter type, a warm but messy Lorelai Gilmore type or an interesting mix of impulses and motivations, i.e., a normal person. There's only one way to find out which one you are — take this quiz!

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