Am I Evil Quiz

Zoe Samuel

When you're driving around a neighborhood listening to music in your car, how do you set the volume?

What snack would you bring into a movie theater?

When in public, where do you like to stand when checking something on your phone?

If you were in line in a grocery store and saw that the person paying was taking a long time because it was an old man paying with change and the cashier ridiculed him, how would you respond?

Which of these is your dream job?

What do you do when you get a text while you're behind the wheel?

What do you call a photo of someone taken by a third party?

What is the appropriate number of times one dips chips in a communal bowl of salsa?

How often do you respond to emails with "TLDR"?

Do you discuss your dietary habits with other people?

What's your approach to card and board games played against children?

If you entered an apartment building and saw a wheelchair-bound woman halfway into the doorway of her apartment, crying, how would you respond?

How do you feel about using disposable plastics, like straws and silverware?

Do you ever finish asking questions with "yes"?

How do you prefer to take internet meetings?

How do you distribute files to workmates?

How do you plug in your device charger when you're using a public outlet?

When leaving a hotel, what do you tip the staff, assuming they did a good job?

Assuming you aren't allergic to them, how do you feel about dogs?

What do you do to make the world a better place?

What do you do when you finish eating dinner with your spouse or partner?

Which of these gym habits do you find the most tolerable?

What's your must-have when traveling by airplane?

What are the left lanes for on a four-lane highway?

How much talking is appropriate by audience members when watching a live play or musical?

What star rating would you give a driver, assuming their service was perfectly acceptable?

If you were riding a bicycle in the evening, how would you set your bike's headlight?

Which was the best "Star Wars" movie?

What is the average number of selfies you take per day?

If you saw a man bullying another man about his weight in public, what would you do?

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About This Quiz

Evil is such a relative term. We venerate great men and women throughout history who would be pretty awful people by today's standards. Of course, you can only judge people alive now by the standards we have today. You may have been judged at some time by someone you work with, by a friend, or by your own family. What if they're evil? Would they even be qualified to tell you if you were evil? Sometimes even people with good intentions do things with terrible unforeseen consequences.

To the Vikings, they were saving their communities from starvation and fulfilling the will of the gods. To the Romans, crushing all their surrounding cultures was about making the world safe and orderly so commerce could happen on a larger scale. Were these people evil? Not from their perspectives, but certainly by those of the people whom they crushed. They are certainly subject to our judgment now. The question remains—how can you find such a clear perspective on your own actions?

The answer is easy! We devised a test, free of the subjectivity of the age and of past ages. It hews to a simple philosophy that accurately classifies evil, using present-day situations and a clear moral framework. Wondering if you're evil? Take this test and find out!

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