Quiz: Amazing Plays in NFL History
Amazing Plays in NFL History
By: Nathan Chandler
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It might be just a game, but some football plays are so exciting that they become lasting cultural touchstones. How much do you know about the most amazing plays in NFL history?

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How did Baltimore beat Dallas on the last play of Super Bowl V?
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In 1964, a player for which team scooped up a fumble and ran the ball into the wrong end zone?
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Which team benefited from a play that's now called the Immaculate Reception?
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During the amazing Immaculate Reception, the ball initially touched Steelers intended receiver John Fuqua.
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In a 1998 game versus the Vikings, how many tackles did 49ers QB Steve Young break en route to a last-minute 49-yard TD run?
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How much time was left on the clock when the Titans received the final kickoff from the Titans in the 1999 AFC Wildcard playoff game?
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In the 1972 Super Bowl, how did the Redskins manage to score their only TD of the day versus the undefeated Dolphins?
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In 1958, Baltimore running back Alan Ameche (known as The Horse) blasted a 1-yard TD to beat which team in the league's first-ever overtime game?
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San Francisco wide receiver Dwight Clark made "The Catch" in a playoff game against which team?
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In 1978's "Miracle at the Meadowlands," how did the Eagles beat the Giants?
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Slow-footed Broncos QB John Elway picked up an amazing first down against which team in Super Bowl XXXII?
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Which team won a hotly contested game thanks to a play called "The Holy Roller"?
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In 2007, Giants receiver David Tyree made a spectacular catch in the Super Bowl versus which team?
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Which kicker made a famous 45-yard field goal during blizzard conditions against the Raiders in 2001?
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In 1960, what happened to Frank Gifford when he was hit by Eagles player Chuck Bednarik?
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How long was the NFL-record field goal that Broncos kicker Matt Prater made in 2013?
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There was an offensive penalty on the game-winning play of the famous Ice Bowl between the Packers and Cowboys.
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Which Dallas running back had a 99-yard run against Minnesota?
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How much time was left when Tennessee snapped the ball on the desperate last play of Super Bowl XXXIV?
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What happened to Tennessee wide receiver Kevin Dyson on the last play of Super Bowl XXXIV?
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In which year did the Cowboys shock the Redskins on one of the last plays of a famous Thanksgiving game?
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During the famous 1974 game in the previous question, what was the score of the game when backup Cowboys QB Clint Longley entered the game in the third quarter?
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In a 1975 divisional playoff game, Cowboys QB Roger Staubach threw a desperation pass to beat which team?
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How long was the last-second kick attempt by Buffalo's Scott Norwood during Super Bowl XXV against the Giants?
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In Super Bowl XXIII, featuring the 49ers versus the Bengals, which San Francisco player made a famous game-winning catch?
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Which team won the game during the "Miracle at the New Meadowlands" in 2010?
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At the end of the game, how did the Seattle Seahawks lose the 2015 Super Bowl?
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In the 2015 Super Bowl, how much time was left on the clock when Seattle threw an ill-fated pass that was interecepted by New England?
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