Quiz: American Automaker Flops and Failures Quiz
American Automaker Flops and Failures Quiz
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Axion23 via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

The history of American motoring is filled with stories of success as well as stories of failure. In that way, the world of automotive engineering is no different to life, really.

Many of America's auto manufacturer boast cars that have sold like hotcakes, bringing in the revenue for these companies. Perhaps the best American example in this regard is the Model T from Ford. Sold over a period of 19 years, it sold around 15 million units. That's thanks to Henry Ford not only improving it but, as production costs lowered thanks to modernization and production lines, Ford lowered the cost of the vehicle. That made it accessible to so many more Americans.

And then we have the failures. Many cars, released with the best intentions of motor companies in America, have flopped spectacularly! And it's often for a multitude of reasons. Poorly made, underpowered or unsafe, whatever the reason, once the word gets out, the motoring public tends to steer well clear. Some flopped because they were outright dangerous! Who wants to sit in a car that might burst into flames?

So let's see just how much you know about the biggest flops in American motoring by undertaking this quiz. 

Good luck!

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