Quiz: American Revolution Battles Quiz
American Revolution Battles Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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Rebellious colonists took up arms against one of the world's most powerful armies in this history-changing war. How much do you know about the battles of the American Revolution?

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The Battle of Bunker Hill happened in which state?
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Which battle was the first of the American Revolution?
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In terms of the total number of soldiers who participated, what was the largest battle of the war?
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Which side won the Battle of Monmouth?
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The Battle of Long Island is also known as what?
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The Battle of Paoli is often known as what?
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What was the last major battle that took place in the Carolinas?
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A contingent of Green Mountain Boys captured which fort?
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At the Battle of Monmouth, dozens of troops on both sides died from which battlefield problem?
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How many troops did the British lose during the Second Battle of Savannah?
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At the Battle of Camden, the rebels outnumbered the British by about what number?
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The Battle of Bennington found both sides fighting in what kind of weather?
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Which side won the Battle of White Plains?
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A victory at the Battle of Cowpens helped the rebels retake which area from the British?
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On which day did the rebels launch the Battle of Trenton?
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How many men did the rebels lose during the Battle of Trenton?
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The Battle of Princeton took place during which month?
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What action did the British take to begin the attack on Charleston in March 1780?
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What percentage of British forces became casualties at the Battle of Guilford Court House?
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Which future president was nearly killed at the Battle of Trenton?
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During the war, how many Battles of Saratoga were there?
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Which British leader was in command at the Battle of Germantown?
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For the colonists, which battle saw the largest loss of manpower and equipment of the entire war?
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The French decided to aid the colonists after the rebels won which battle?
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What percentage of the rebel forces became casualties at the Battle of Oriskany?
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George Washington was in command of the forces that fought at the Battle of Brandywine.
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The rebel defeat at the Battle of Brandywine left which city open to British attack?
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How many troops did George Washington gather for the Battle of Yorktown?
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