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It is one of the most recognizable (and profitable) companies in the brewing business. How much do you know about Anheuser-Busch InBev?

In what city was Anheuser-Busch founded?

The company remains one of the city's most important employer


In what year was Budweiser introduced?

That's right, this famous beer has been around since shortly after the end of the Civil War.


In what year was the company sold to a Belgian-Brazilian corporation and then renamed to Anheuser-Bush InBev (or AB InBev)?

Traditionalists decried it as a sullying of an American tradition.


Budweiser contains which unusual ingredient?

It is one of the only major beers to use rice in the brewing process.


Which brand is NOT associated with AB InBev?

AB InBev has a stake in many beer companies, including craft beers that many people assume have no relationship to big business.


How many breweries did the company own in 1951?

By then, the company had a national network of breweries working to keep pace with demand.


Executives of AB InBev stated that they wanted to make Bud and Bud Light as well-known as what other product?

Their goal is to saturate the world in Bud products, just as Coca-Cola executives did with their soft drinks.


In what year did the company roll out Bud Light on a national level?

Bud Light is consistently one of best-selling beers in the world.


In 2015, as a whole, about how much did AB InBev take in total revenue?

It is easily the largest and wealthiest brewing company on Earth.


For how many years was the company a family-owned venture?

In the end, the family couldn't turn down the huge money offered by InBev.


The Budweiser Clydesdales were introduced to celebrate what?

The team of horses was driven to the Empire State Building in New York City and met by throngs of people along the way.


Which man introduced pasteurization into the beer-making process in order to keep the product fresh?

He also introduced modern refrigeration for beer, as well as mass-produced bottled beer.


By around 1877, how many refrigerated railcars did the company use to ship its products?

These railcars made it possible to ship the beer all over the country, expanding the market and producing huge revenues.


Why did the company give up on its West Coast markets in the mid-20th century?

Railcar space was limited, and it was needed to supply the war efforts.


What was the name of the company's "super-premium" beer that was introduced in 1896?

The name was inspired by a Czech town called Michalovice.


Budweiser American Ale was the first beer under this brand name to feature what?

This kind of yeast rises to the surface during fermentation and provides a distinctive flavor.


Which animal is featured on the company's trademark?

Intertwined with the letter "A," it is one of the most recognizable corporate symbols in the world.


In order to skirt Prohibition laws, what did the company do?

It wasn't illegal to sell beer's ingredients; you just couldn't sell the finished product.


What was Bevo?

The company introduced it in order to stay in business during Prohibition.


What factor contributed to the end of Bevo?

As smugglers devised ways to get real beer out to the public, "near bear" faded in popularity.


In what year was Anheuser-Busch founded in St. Louis?

Eberhard Anheuser bought the company in 1860 and began making it into what would become one of America's most famous beer companies.


In what year did the company become the largest brewer in the United States?

Its 2008 sale to AB InBev only increased the company's power around the world.


In the 1850s, what was the primary industry in St. Louis?

This was largely attributable to the huge numbers of German immigrants who settled in the area.


How many horses were there in the original team of Budweiser Clydesdales?

In 1950, a Dalmatian was added, further increasing the beer's appeal among animal lovers.


In the mid-19th century, German immigrants introduced which style of beer to America?

"Lagering" requires storage of the young beer in a cool, dark place.


In 2015, AB InBev made a bid to purchase what major beverage company?

It offered to pay a whopping $104 billion for the company, which is a major competitor.


About what percentage of beer in the United States is made by AB InBev?

The company snaps up 10% of the country's rice crops just to make its beer.


How many people does AB InBev employ?

The company has employees in at least 25 countries.


In what year did the company manage to sell more than 2 million barrels of beer?

The tremendous volume helped propel the company to its status as the top brewer in America about a decade later.


In what year was Michelob first distributed in cans?

Bottled beer was popular long before cans became common.


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