What Kind of Animal Mom Are You?

Zoe Samuel

Do you believe in providing a free range childhood?

How much of the work of parenting - scheduling, communicating with school, discipline etc. - does your partner do?

What's your idea of an effective punishment?

How many kids is too many?

Do you stay home with the kids?

Does your household primarily revolve around the kids?

Who pays the bills?

What paid childcare do you use?

What do you do if your child is sad?

How often do you call if you have to go away for work?

Have you and your boo ever taken a trip without the kids?

How much do you judge other parents?

Including parents, regular babysitters, teachers etc., how many adults are on the "core cast list" of your child's life?

Does it take a village?

Do you believe women are naturally better at raising kids than men?

Do you trust anyone else entirely with the kids?

Do you expect your kids to be obedient?

Other than learning to share and be nice, etc., what non-school skill do they learn from you?

Do you care what your children wear?

Are your kids allowed to curse?

Do they get pocket money?

How involved is your family in your local community?

Do your kids call other grownups by their first name?

What correct assumption does society make about parents like you?

What wrong assumption does society make about parents like you?

How old were you when you became a parent?

Would you be more upset if your child was bullied, or if they themselves were the bully?

When are you proudest of your kids?

Obviously, you always love your kids, but what might they do that could really make you not like them very much for a little while?

What do you hope your child does when they grow up?

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About This Quiz

There are billions of creatures on God's green earth, divided up into hundreds of millions of species. Within each of these, there are different instincts and habits - what you might call traditions, if they were human - about how to parent. Many creatures in the insect realm have a sort of "spray and pray" bulk purchase approach to parenting, where they simply lay loads of eggs, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. However, others are more discerning, even including some fish or amphibian species whose closer cousins take more of an absentee approach.

Generally speaking, the most doting parents are mammals, birds, and marsupials. The first of these groups, in particular, give birth to live young, meaning that they invest heavily in their offspring and show real bonds of love. Some mammals, such as wolves, produce offspring who are ready to go into the world on their own in a single year, but others, such as elephants and orangutans, are heavily invested, taking years to nurture their babies to maturity and teach them the ways of the world.

Which of these denizens of the animal kingdom most inspires your particular mom style? It's time to find out!

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