Answer Some Questions About You and Your Significant Other, and We'll Guess Which Fictional Couple You're Most Like

Zoe Samuel

Is one of you the adult in the relationship?

How did you meet?

Did you put a ring on it?

Are you best friends?

Are you supportive of each other's dreams?

Does your relationship look better from the outside or inside?

What word best describes a disagreement between you?

Do people generally consider one of you to be out of the other's league?

What do you like to do together on date night?

Are you a glamorous pair?

Do you like to travel together?

How do you show affection?

How do you show remorse if you screw up?

Are you good at just hanging out peaceably?

Is the emotional labor fairly distributed?

Is one of you the breadwinner?

Do you share your faith?

Do you think you'll last forever?

Do other people think you'll last forever?

Would you change each other at all, if you were honest?

Are you a union of two great fortunes?

Are you a power couple at all?

Do you enjoy hating on the same people together?

Do you know all their secrets?

Do you feel proud to be seen with them?

Do you air your dirty laundry in public?

Do you laugh a lot together?

If you were to break up, what would it be for?

Do you trust their fidelity?

Do you want kids together?

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About This Quiz

There are some relationships that we see on our screens and between the covers of our favorite books that simply stick with us. Many of these are about true love, and some are about true friendship. The most loving, of course, are a little of both.

Generally speaking, couples in fiction have a hard time making it work. That's inherent to the nature of a good story - there has to be a conflict to create drama, which is the literal opposite of a good relationship.  This means it's rather difficult to portray a healthy couple, and this means that whenever a fictional duo inspires us, we usually have major reservations about emulating them fully (or at least, we should). 

However, while some couples are themselves the source of the conflict between them due to immaturity, character flaws, or simply being a bad match for each other, others face outside problems: society disapproves of their union, one of them is sick, they're caught up by world events, etc. That's one major reason that stories often end once they figure it all out because that's the point at which things would get very boring for the audience!

Which fictional couple are you? Let's find out!

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