Answer These Embarrassing Questions and We'll Guess Your Greatest Quality!

Isadora Teich

Do you have any secret obsessions?

Have you ever lost an ID card?

Has a bird ever pooped on you?

How often do you leave a public bathroom with toilet paper attached to your shoe?

If you are seeing a sad movie in theaters, can you control how loud you cry in public?

Where were you the last time you broke an object by accident?

Which of these do you most often forget when you leave the house?

Have you ever broken something expensive by accident?

Have you ever had an embarrassing on-stage moment in front of people?

Which of these have you stepped in most often?

Have you ever had you clothes rip or break on your body while you were wearing them?

As a little kid, did you say rude things to people a lot?

If you are interested in someone romantically, how is making the first move for you?

Have you ever been caught using an expired ID?

Do you often drop food on yourself when you eat?

How good are you at remembering the names and faces of people you meet?

What's the soonest you have ever kissed someone on the lips after meeting them?

Have you ever farted or burped loudly in a public place?

When a server at a restaurant tells you to enjoy your meal, how do you most often reply?

How many times have you locked yourself out of your home or car?

How good are you at reading the room?

Have you ever forgotten an important date?

How good is your sense of direction?

Have you ever walked in on anyone who was using the bathroom by accident?

How cringey are your social media posts from 5 or more years ago?

When you have a crush, how goofy do you get about the person?

Which kinds of bad things do you enjoy most?

What's the farthest back you have ever stalked someone on social media?

When you cook, how often is the result edible?

Do you like to pop your pimples?

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About This Quiz

Awkward moments are a part of life, so you might as well embrace it! Many of us have tripped in public, put our foot in our mouth, and maybe even walked into an uncomfortable situation on complete accident from time to time. If you're the kind of person who has ever responded to a server telling you to enjoy your meal with "you too," then this is the quiz for you!  Maybe your biggest blunders can reveal your greatest strength! 

Have you ever bumped into an inanimate object and said "Excuse me"? Or have you ever tried to make casual small talk with a store employee who started asking you way too many personal questions? Maybe you have been to a black tie event and dropped a glass on a hard floor in front of everyone. We all have had hundreds of moments like that, but there might just be an upside to all of it. 

Put us to the test and see if we can guess your greatest quality from some of your most embarrassing moments. After all, nobody is as cool as cucumber all the time, but everyone has a lot to offer even if things get a little awkward sometimes! 

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