Answer These Flower Questions and We'll Guess What % Botanist You Are

Ian Fortey

Some flowers can actually be eaten. Which of these foods is actually a flower that you're eating?

Which flower was so huge in the Netherlands it led to a stock market-like crash that actually bankrupted people?

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. Do you know what fruit they're closely related to?

What do you think the titan arum smells like?

How many different colors of roses have you run across in your life?

When do you usually start planting flowers during the year?

Which flowers would you use in a salad?

If you plant 12 flowers in the yard, how many do you expect to live?

How do you stop squirrels from stealing your flower bulbs?

You can turn flowers into tea pretty easily. What's the best one to use?

About how long have flowers existed in the world?

How long have you been growing flowers yourself?

If a flower you planted dies off, what do you do?

How many kind, of flowers can move?

Which flower has the most pleasing scent, in your opinion?

Is your garden full of flowers that grow low to the ground or taller ones?

Do you hope your flowers attract any kind of wildlife?

What's the best thing to do with a vase of dead flowers?

What kind of flowers would you give to someone to express your sympathy?

If you were going to do some floral arrangements for a wedding but they didn't want roses or tulips, what might you try?

Flowers can mean a lot of different things to different people. What do they mean to you?

Valentine's Day is probably the biggest flower-giving day of the year. What's another good occasion for flower-giving?

If a red rose means love, what does a blue rose represent?

If you were giving flowers to someone who you don't have romantic feelings for, what flowers would you choose?

Do you prefer flowers on their own or do you like plants that grow fruits and vegetables?

Purple flowers can be incredibly vibrant. Which one is your favorite?

Aside from red roses, which red flowers do you like the most?

Do you have a favorite yellow flower?

It's rare to find a black flower, but there are some kinds. Which do you like the most?

Where do you get your flowers from when you're looking to plant some?

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About This Quiz

Flowers are some of the most interesting forms of life in the world. In a very scientific sense, the purpose of a flower is reproduction. They are where the pollen and the ovules of the plant come together and germinate, allowing the flower to produce seeds and then more plants. The flower, the most beautiful part to a human eye, is the part that facilitates life. It is poetic in some ways, since humans also value beauty when it comes to reproduction but we have the ability to see while these plants do not. Their beauty is for the benefit of others. They attract birds and insects that can help them pollinate and live on. Their outward appearance is always appreciated by another.

Getting to know flowers is no small task. The world of botany is vast and includes a heck of a lot of science. But for regular purposes, for those of us who just appreciate the beauty of flowers, there's still plenty to know about them. How much of a botanist do you have lurking inside you these days? How well do you know your flowers? Why not put down the watering can and take the quiz to find out?

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