Answer These Moral Questions and We'll Guess Your First Job

By: Teresa McGlothlin

If you found a winning lottery ticket, what would you do?

There's a stray cat living on your porch--do you adopt it?

How would you handle hearing screaming outside your door?

Do you sample the grapes at the grocery store?

The cashier just gave you $50 extra in change--do you keep it?

If a friend asked you to help them move, what would you say?

You see someone being bullied--how do you react?

You were not charged for an item in your cart--do you go back and pay for it?

What do you do when someone is tailgating you on the highway?

Your neighbors are having a noisy party and you want to sleep. What do you do?

If your boss asked you to fire someone, how would you do it?

Do you ever say bad words in front of children?

Would you stop to help a turtle cross the road?

You find a lost child in a store. What is the first thing you do?

If you saw someone shoplifting, would you say something?

How would you feel if a coworker took credit for your idea?

You think your best friend's partner is cheating. Would you say something?

Do you ever double dip your chips at parties?

Your friend has spinach in their teeth. How would you tell them?

Do you help yourself to your friends' refrigerators?

How often do you hold doors for other people?

Do you break a lot of rules at work?

Have you ever helped yourself to the office supply closet?

When is the last time you donated something to charity?

You've been asked to keep a juicy secret--can you do it?

You realize that one of your coworkers is being paid less--how do you deal with it?

Have you every laughed at someone's misfortune?

Do you think little white lies are harmful?

Someone hits on your date. What do you do?

If someone gave you a gift you hated, what would you do with it?

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About This Quiz

Does your moral compass always lead you down the path of righteousness? If you are anything like the rest of the humans we know, you might have your moments of doubt. Once you answer the what-would-you-do style questions we've come up with, the first job you had will show up in your results. 

You might be asking yourself how your moral choices could lead us to know about the first time you wore a nametag, but we are not at liberty to tell you about our entire process. What we can tell you is that everything you've ever done in your lifetime culminates into the person you are now. The things you learned at your first job still shape the choices you make today! 

Don't believe us? Tell us what you would do if you got back an extra $100 in change! The way your morals guide you through this quiz could probably tell us more about you than you would ever want us to know. Thankfully, we simply want to see if we can figure out the type of job that served as your introduction to the workforce. 

We'll keep your answers to ourselves, but you have to make the decisions first. Will we know your first job? Share the whole truth with us, and we'll find out!

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