Answer These Questions About the Beatles and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Album!

Lauren Lubas

Who is your favorite Beatle?

What is your favorite year for the Beatles?

Which song do you appreciate the most?

Which of these albums is a little too "weird" for your taste?

How did you mourn John Lennon's death?

Which of these is your favorite crazy song?

What is the best Beatles quote ever?

If you need a good pick-me-up, what song are you listening to?

In your opinion, what is the best Beatles song to listen to when you want to reflect?

What's your favorite nonsense line?

How old were most of the members of the Beatles when you were first introduced to them?

When would you say the Beatles put out their best work?

Who wrote the best Beatles' songs?

What inspired, in your opinion, the best Beatles' music?

How do you feel about the Beatles' psychedelic phase?

Would you have been a Beatles' fanatic?

Which of these songs do you sing at karaoke?

Which of these is the WORST Beatles song ever?

When did the Beatles break up?

What is the best love song by the Beatles?

Who was your favorite vocalist?

What's a song by the Beatles that you love but no one else knows?

Where did the Beatles last play a live concert?

Who is your favorite character from a Beatles song?

What does Father do as his wife gets into her dressing gown?

Which of these songs is best if you are thinking about experiencing music under the influence?

If you could, which Beatle would you marry?

How would you greet Ringo Starr?

What's your favorite Ringoism?

What's the best song-length, in your opinion, for a song by the Beatles?

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About This Quiz

In only eight years, the Beatles released nearly 50 records, including singles, EPs, and studio albums, and that was just in the United Kingdom. 

Their discography is a little inconsistent due to inconsistent international releases. However, in the last few decades, the Beatles released even more albums, remastered versions, live versions, and compilations. With their expansive library, it's nearly impossible to hate every song the Beatles ever released. They have so many flavors, sampling sounds from genres that include blues, rock, dance, folk, and progressive/psychedelic. 

The Beatles changed the way people listen to and interact with music. They were the original boy band, and they took America by storm. Their fans were the original fanatics, traveling sometimes thousands of miles to see them at a time when travel wasn't as simple as it is today. They created music that resonated with generations of people. It is music that still holds up to the sounds of today. The Beatles are truly the definition of timelessness.

There is a Beatles album for virtually any music fan. If you don't believe it, answer these questions about the Beatles, and we'll guess your favorite album. If you haven't heard of it before, it's about time you hit record store anyway.

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