Answer These Questions and We'll Guess If Your Cat Is Plotting to Take Over the World

Ian Fortey

Have you ever turned around and seen your cat staring at you from across the room?

How many times has your cat bitten you?

How often do you catch your cat just looking intently at the ceiling even though there's nothing there?

How does your cat react when a stranger comes to visit for the first time?

Is your cat a loner or do you have multiple cats in the house?

How often does your cat run through the room at full speed seemingly for no reason?

Does your cat ever yowl in the middle of the night and wake you up?

What does your cat think of its own reflection?

Has your cat ever met a dog?

When it comes to meal time, what's your cat eating?

Is cleaning the litter a mostly painless experience for you?

Is your cat always down for getting some attention or does it have to be the right time?

Does your cat like to knead your soft spots with its claws out?

Has your cat ever made you bleed?

If your cat sees another animal outside, what does it do?

Where does your cat like to sleep usually?

Do you have any issues with scratched furniture in the house?

The worst thing in the world is a cat that pees haphazardly. Has your cat ever peed in a random place in the house?

When you get home from being out for a few hours, what does your cat do?

What happens when you need to take the cat to the vet?

Is your cat an indoor kitty or an outdoor kitty?

Does your cat have that killer instinct when it comes to smaller animals?

How many toys does your cat have around the house?

Where did you get your cat anyway?

If you had to guess what your cat loves to do more than anything else, what would it be?

What human food does your cat seem to love more than anything else?

You just finished cleaning the litter box. How long before your cat dirties it again?

Even a little house cat shares a common ancestor with the massive wild cats out there. Which one is your cat most like?

Are you the kind of cat owner who puts clothes on the cat and takes pics of them?

Which fictional cat does your cat most remind you of?

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Image: Kryssia Campos / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

It's a strange life you live when you share it with a cat. They can be friendly, faithful companions or they can be cold and aloof at the best of times. Some cats shower you with affection; others rain down hisses, scratches and brutally cold judgment. You can never predict what's in the mind of a cat from one moment to the next because they're really off in their own space at the best of times. All you can do is hope they like the little bed you bought them and that they won't bite your hand if you rub their bellies. Oh, and you should probably also hope they're not plotting to take over the world. 

Let's face it; your cat does weird stuff. Like when they knock over cups of water for no reason, or just race around a room chasing nothing. How about when you catch them staring at nothing on the ceiling? Cats have their own agendas, and they aren't sharing what's up with the rest of us. But if you want some insight, just answer a few key questions for us so we can tell you once and for all if your cat is plotting to take over the world. You really need to know this kind of thing, don't you think? Take the quiz!

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