Answer These Questions and We’ll Guess What Your Most Irrational Fear Is

Jennifer Post

Do you know what you're actually afraid of?

How do you deal with your fears?

If you were met with your deepest fear, do you think you could actually handle it?

Do you ever feel worried about your ability to go about your daily life?

Are you the one putting pressure on yourself to deal with your fears?

Is there a lot of information or resources out there about your fear?

Does your fear impact your self-worth?

Are you actually afraid of something, or are you afraid of the worst possible outcome of interacting with that thing?

Does knowing more about your fear help at all?

Is it possible that someone told you this particular thing was scary and that is why you fear it?

Is there anything in your childhood or in your cultural consciousness that might explain your fear?

Have you ever seen a doctor about your fear?

How likely is it that you will actually encounter your fear?

What is the worst that could happen?

If you had to pick the one thing you are most passionate about, what would it be?

Who is the one person you'd want by your side in a time of crisis?

Do you miss out on a lot of life activities because of your fear?

Are there any regrets in your life?

Self-awareness can be key in overcoming fears. Do you consider yourself self-aware?

Are you curious about other people who experience your same irrational fear?

Do you get offended when people tell you that your fear is irrational?

How willing are you to try alternate methods to help your fears?

When you are going through a rough time in general, how do you handle it?

Think about what you want for you future. Is it at all dictated by your fear?

Do you ever feel like just giving up and surrendering to your fear?

If you could change anything about yourself, aside from your fear, what would it be?

Do you feel like you owe anyone an apology because of your fears?

Could your fear just be something you use as a reason not to do something you don't want to do?

Are you fearful of something because you think you might be bad at it?

Despite your fears, are you happy?

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About This Quiz

Did you know that having a diagnosed phobia is actually a mental illness? People can also be afraid of things without having a diagnosed phobia, and they can certainly hold onto fears without going on a talk show where the host brings that feared things on stage to torment the subject. Maybe bugs really creep you out and any time you see a bug, you freak out. That's totally normal.

When the word "irrational" is in front of your fear, it means that your fear doesn't exactly make sense. It is normal to be afraid of a giant, barking dog, but it is irrational to be afraid of a little poodle with a bow in its hair. This is where the difference in fears, phobias and irrational fears comes from. Because irrational fears don't make a ton of sense to people who don't suffer from them, it can be hard to determine where the fear came from and why it is still hanging around.

But with careful consideration, and carefully worded questions, it is possible to figure out what your irrational fears are. Based on how you handle other situations in life, react to things out of your control, and even a deep-dive into what you were like as a kid can all be hints as to where your fear originated. Answer these questions and we'll guess what your irrational fear is!

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