Answer These Questions and We'll Guess Where You Fall on the Political Spectrum

Brian Whitney

How big should government be?

Do you favor strong immigration laws?

Do you think the government should offer health care to everyone?

How easy should it be for people to get welfare?

Do you care a lot about preserving your country's culture?

What do you think about gun control?

Should LGBTQ folks be allowed to marry?

Where do you stand on assisted suicide?

Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

Are you in favor of the death penalty?

What do you think of the group "Black Lives Matter"?

Who would you vote for as president?

How much money should we spend on the military?

Should drugs be legal?

How should the rich be taxed?

What should our military be doing?

How worried are you about terrorism?

What do you think of survivalists?

Should a government go into debt to help its citizens?

How often is government wasteful?

What is the best way to ensure peace?

Do you believe in affirmative action?

What would you do if your son came out as gay?

Should CEOs of corporations make less money?

Do you believe in climate change?

What do you think about what happened at Waco?

Do poor people have it easy?

Can white people be discriminated against in America?

Should we use our military to help other countries that are under attack?

Who do you most look up to?

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About This Quiz

There is nothing that unites people as much as politics, and there is also nothing that divides them as much as politics as well. What you think about what is happening in your country and the world, and how it should be dealt with, says a lot about who you are and how you deal with those around you. Your views on politics will have something to do with every aspect of your life.

While there are some smaller fringe parties in the United States, such as the Green Party, the Socialists, and the Libertarian party, most people identify as either Democrats or Republicans, and you probably do, too. But do your viewpoints really match up with the party that you've chosen?

We have put together a quiz that will give us a pretty good idea of whether you're on the left, the middle, or the right when it comes to your political views, and if you answer all of these questions, we think we can guess where you stand politically. There are no right or wrong answers to this quiz if there is one thing we should all agree on is that you have a right to your own viewpoints, so take this quiz and let's see if we can guess correctly!

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