Answer These Questions and We'll Guess Which Genre of Music Is Your Favorite

Allison Lips

When your favorite song comes on at a party, what is the most appropriate dance for it?

If your car radio was stuck on one station, which one would it be?

If you were told you could be an expert in one instrument, which would you choose?

You're going to see your favorite artist perform - what type of venue are they playing?

How do you feel about Auto-Tune in music?

You're dressed up for your favorite concert. What is your must-have accessory?

Which of the following songs most closely fits your definition of the perfect song?

You've waited for months to get tickets to a Broadway show. Which one are you seeing?

Which artist's evolution do you admire the most?

If you could only own one artist's complete discography, whose would it be?

Which city has the best music?

Which music award do you feel is the most prestigious?

Has your favorite artist ever sold out?

When you want to discover new music, where is the first place you turn to?

If you can't listen to your favorite genre, what's your backup genre?

Which television show did most of the classic artists in your favorite genre appear on?

Which female music icon has had the biggest impact?

Which of the following would you rather be known for?

Which famous couple is the cutest?

Under no circumstances would you admit to liking which song?

What iconic venue do you dream of performing in one day?

Which young artist will you still be listening to in 15 years?

You need the perfect hat to complete your outfit - which one are you grabbing?

You want to drive around town in style, so what is your ride?

When you're at a wedding, which song always gets you on the dance floor?

Which lyric speaks to you the most?

You're walking through Barnes & Noble. Whose biography piques your interest?

What generalization are you tired of people making about your music?

Which "Weird Al" parody did you enjoy the most?

Which fictional character do you identify most strongly with?

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About This Quiz

Music brings us together. Most of us hop on the dance floor for "The Macarena" and tap our toes to any catchy song that get stuck in our head. However, get us alone and our music collection reveals our differences. 

Some people have an encyclopedic knowledge of rap music. Others love the variety that pop music provides, whereas hardcore rock fans can trace their music back to its origins in jazz, blues, country and folk. Then there are people who feel Nashville is where they belong, because of country music's deep roots there. You also cannot forget the people who love music in general and do not understand why music magazines force often inaccurate labels on artists. 

While you can argue that every genre of music influences every other genre and vice versa, we still find ourselves drawn to a specific genre. If you are drawn to more than one genre, you may end up falling in love with a fusion genre, such as pop rock, rap rock, rockabilly or whatever new genre creative musicians invent. 

Now, are you ready to find out what your favorite music genre is? Will you be surprised at our accuracy? Or will you decide to try something new after you see your result? 

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