Answer These Questions and We'll Tell You Which Fierce Heroine You Are

Ian Fortey

Do friends or family ever come to you to help them solve major problems?

Do you feel like you can give good advice to a friend in need?

How fiercely will you protect your family?

If you're walking down the street and see someone getting mugged, what do you think you're going to do?

Do you know any self-defense techniques?

Do you carry anything with you that could be used as a weapon when you're out and about?

How often do you think you tell little white lies to others?

If you knew the CEO of your favorite store was donating money to a cause you were completely against, would you stop shopping at that store?

Would you ever date someone who was incredibly attractive but was also very rude to people like servers at restaurants?

If someone you love is sick and you can't afford the medicine to help them, is it wrong to steal it?

Do you think athletes need to act more responsibly than regular citizens since children look up to them?

Ever watch a movie and get angry about how badly the hero in it messes up because you saw a way to solve the problem much sooner?

Do you donate any of your time to charity?

Do you ever doubt that you're a good person?

Looking back on your life, are there any big regrets that you have?

How good are you at making a plan and sticking to it?

Are you a fan of the great outdoors?

Has anyone ever told you that something you did was heroic, whether or not you agreed?

Do you do anything to try to make your community a better place?

What female superhero really deserves her own movie?

Overall, how important is loyalty to you?

Is there a superhero who you think is actually kind of bad at the hero part of their job?

Do you sometimes let anger get the better of you?

They say rules are made to be broken. Do you agree?

When is it OK to question authority?

One hero is good but a team of heroes is better. What team would you want to be a part of?

Sometimes you need to laugh just so you don't cry. Are you good at cracking jokes?

What's the most heroic job in the world?

Lots of heroes have sidekicks. Who was the best one?

Who is your hero?

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Image: Color Force, Isobel Griffiths Limited, Lionsgate

About This Quiz

Defining a hero is harder than you might think at first. Comic books can make it seem easy, because the hero is clearly the person in the cool costume fighting the alien menace. That seems easy to understand. But sometimes it's more subtle than that. Sometimes you need to stop and think about what made this person a hero in the first place. There's more to heroism than fighting, right? Bullies can fight, too. A hero has a character that makes them that way. A proper hero has to not just be good but selfless. They are brave even when fear overtakes them. They are determined even when the odds are stacked against them. They have hope even when all hope is lost. And for far too long the very idea of a hero has been a man's realm, and that's just not fair. The world is full of fierce and fantastic heroines that are well worth respect and admiration. But you already knew that.

You may never fight off an alien scourge, or save people from annihilation, or even sacrifice yourself for the good of another, but we're pretty sure you're doing something out there. So which fierce heroine's heart beats in your chest? Let's find out together!

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