Quiz: Answer These Questions as Quickly as You Can and We'll Determine if You're More Logical or Creative
Answer These Questions as Quickly as You Can and We'll Determine if You're More Logical or Creative
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Quick like a bunny! Answer this questions as fast as you can! Not only will you stand a chance of breaking a quiz record, but you will also find out whether you are more logical or more creative. The answers you choose will tell us a lot about you, but we're going to stick to the way your brain chooses to respond as fast as it can. 

Throughout this logic vs. creative test, you will be presented with a few different scenarios. You will also be asked a few personal questions. Do not hesitate to choose the answer that jumps out at you. Trust your gut, and see where you end up on our scale. 

It has long been said that the left side of the brain controls logic while the right side controls our emotions. While this quiz touches on this theory a little, we are not talking about your brain hemispheres. We want to get inside the way you think, the way you react, and we want to see how you do it under pressure. 

Do not pause to think. It's important that you try to answer with the speed of a gazelle being chased by a lion! As soon as you're done, we'll tell you what you're like. Emotional or logical? Only the quiz can tell!

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