Quiz: Answer These Questions and We'll Guess Whether You're Single, Dating, or Married!
Answer These Questions and We'll Guess Whether You're Single, Dating, or Married!
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

While it's true that single life can be hard, it's also true that dating can be equally confusing, and marriage is hard work even when you're in the very best union out there. Any of these states is delightful if you want to be in it and your partner (or partners) treat you with respect, kindness, and integrity. Likewise, any of these states can be hellish if you DON'T want to be in it, or if you're surrounded by people whether your partner(s), colleagues, family members, or others who are judgmental, cowardly, mean, or just plain selfish.

How you feel about your position vis-a-vis dating is thus less a product of what your actual status is and much more about who you are as a person.  Another influencer is what the people around you think of your situation (and how much power their opinions have to shape how you feel or even the actual realities of your life). Whether you're enjoying a glorious singledom, happy dating times, or a loved-up coupledom, it's all about your perspective. Tell us how you view the dating game at all its stages, and we'll guess firstly where you are in it, and secondly, we'll get a pretty good idea of how you feel about that. Let's get started!

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