Answer These Questions and We'll Guess Which Kind of Romance Novels You Secretly Love

By: Khadija Leon

What kind of romance novels do you like to read?

What other kinds of novels do you like to read?

How many romance novels do you own?

What color book covers first get your attention?

You like it when the lead character is…

If you could bring one of these characters to life, who would it be?

Why do you read romance novels?

How do you feel before going on a date?

What do you look for in a significant other?

Where would you like to be taken on a date?

How would you like to be courted?

Where do you usually meet people?

How would you describe your flirting style?

You normally go after people who are…

Have you ever been involved in a love triangle?

What is your current relationship status?

How soon do you introduce someone to your friends and family?

How long does it take you to give up the goods?

Which of these romantic destinations would you like to head off to?

Which Disney movie is most like your love life?

Friday nights are for…

What do you do when you have free time?

Would you ever move for the one that you loved?

What kind of home would you like to settle down in?

Who do you live with?

Which of these time periods would you like to go back to?

What do you wear to work?

If you were stuck on a desert island, which of these would you like to take with you?

Which of these quotes about love do you like most?

What kind of TV shows do you watch?

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About This Quiz

Romance novels are some of the best selling novels not only for people who aren't in relationships but also for those looking to spice up their loves or look for an escape. While many people aren't afraid of sharing their passion for this genre of book, many others are quite shy about letting the world know what they enjoy reading, probably because of the stereotypes associated with romance novels, hence the reason why some people keep it a secret or even pretend to hate it.

Do you prefer reading historical and classical romance novels like Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," something more contemporary and raunchy like "Bared to You" from the Crossfire series, something more fantasy and paranormal like Rebecca Zanetti's "Dark Protectors" or do you prefer a bit of a tragedy like John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars?" Or maybe something else entirely?

Let's make a deal; if you answer the questions in this awesome quiz, we will try to guess which romance novel you secretly love and maybe which one you're probably hiding somewhere in your home. If we guess correctly, you can share the results with your friends, or you can just keep it to yourself.

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