Quiz: Answer These Questions and We'll Guess What Vibe You Give Off!
Answer These Questions and We'll Guess What Vibe You Give Off!
By: Bri O.
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About This Quiz

While you might not realize it, your body is constantly taking cues or vibes from other people. This is how you know the guy at the bar is bad news or the woman at the checkout counter is in no mood to give you a discount. Everyone's constantly giving off vibes. What kind of vibe do you give off? Take this quiz and we'll tell you!

When it comes to the vibes we give off, there are multiple parts to them. A lot of it has to do with your non-verbals, starting with body language! Usually, body language can be broken up into positives and negatives. If you keep eye contact or face someone when they're speaking to you, this would be positive body language. If you have shifty eyes and turn away often, this is negative body language. Both these instances would play a role in the vibe you're giving off!

The other portion of non-verbals is your voice. While you might think this doesn't make sense, it absolutely does! It isn't your words, per se, but how your voice sounds. You can say something as nice as "I love your blouse," with an aggressive voice, and your entire vibe would come off as aggressive.

With all this information, what kind of vibe do you give off? Do you think you're open and expressive or are you a bit more closed off and mysterious? There's only one way to find out! 

Answer these questions and we'll tell you what vibe you give off! 

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You're making a late-night drugstore run and you see an old, distant friend or an estranged roommate, do you say hi?

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Do you ever avoid certain places or routes so you don't run into someone you don't want to talk to?

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What types of subjects do you find most interesting?

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How often do you communicate with your best friend(s)?

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How's your relationship with your family?

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When's the last time you ate fast food?

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Are you good at picking up on others' vibes?

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What is one word that you'd use to describe yourself?

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What color would you choose to paint your bedroom walls?

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Which is your favorite season?

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What'd your preferred method of transportation?

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