Answer These Random Questions and We'll Guess Which Gemstone You Are

Teresa McGlothlin

When is the last time you binge watched a series?

Which citrus fruit do you like most?

Which farm animal makes you giggle?

Do you believe in aliens?

Which scent do you like most?

Where would you prefer to have an unlimited shopping spree?

What would be your circus job?

Do you sleep with a light on?

Which word makes you feel most hopeful?

What would you name a new pet cat?

Which kind of takeout do you like most?

Do you like going camping?

Which of the four elements do you think is most powerful?

Which holiday is most fun?

What kind of shoes do you wear most often?

Which of your qualities is most admirable?

How would you describe your dancing?

Which old-timey word do you like most?

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins have you committed?

Which kind of flower is prettiest?

Are you musically inclined?

Which ringtone would you use?

Which meal is your largest?

What flavor milkshake do you prefer?

Which sport is most interesting?

How old is your vehicle?

Which breed of horse do you know most about?

Do you take a lot of big risks?

Which vegetable smells the worst?

What is your favorite pizza topping?

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About This Quiz

There's little that lights up our eyes like a gemstone. For centuries gemstones have been used as ways to adorn ourselves and set ourselves apart. After you answer these random questions, we'll know which of the earth's precious jewels you are most like. Will it be the gemstone you've always loved the most, or will it be something different?

As we polish our way through this quiz, we will examine the traits you have in common with the known traits of some of the world's most popular gemstones. Gemstones have long been associated with providing the wearer with certain qualities. For instance, rubies are said to make the wearer feel love, and sapphires are said to hold great wisdom. 

While we could ask you a bunch of questions about yourself, we thought it would be more fun to see how you respond to a series of random questions. Each answer you provide will lead us one step closer to the gemstone you would be if the earth's pressure had created you. You might like a certain gemstone more than another, but is it the one you have the most in common with? After this quiz, you'll know which gemstone reflects you the best!

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