Answer These Random Questions and We'll Guess Your Favorite Hot Rod

Teresa McGlothlin

Which noise is most disturbing?

What is your sense of humor like?

Which planet would you like to visit?

Which fast-food restaurant is the best?

Can you fake a British accent?

What kind of hat do you wear most often?

What kind of beer do you like?

Which barnyard animal is most amusing?

What number are we thinking of?

What was your last dream like?

Which tool is the most important?

Which U.S. state is most interesting?

What sport would you rather play?

What kind of fish tastes the best?

What were you in a former life?

What's the best burger topping?

Which actor is most talented?

Could you be a cowboy?

Do you polish your shoes?

Which of your senses is the strongest?

What were you like as a child?

Who cuts your hair?

What winter activity do you enjoy?

Which month is most fun?

Which "Star Wars" character are you most like?

Would you drive a pink car?

What time of day were you born?

Why do cats lick themselves in public?

Do you believe in astrology?

What kind of fingers do you have?

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Image: Nesch18 via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

There's nothing that can keep you up at night like imagining yourself cruising along a beach highway in your favorite hot rod. Whether you prefer the Challenger or the GTO, the way you answer our random questions will allow us to look inside your psyche and figure out which one occupies your soft spot for cars. Do you think we can get it right? 

While we could simply ask you questions about your favorite hot rod, we thought it would be more fun, and more telling, to peer inside the way your mind works. If you were primarily focused on the hot rod of your dreams, we wouldn't be able to get the whole picture of the person we are putting behind the wheel. 

We already know that you love cars, and we already know you have a favorite hot rod. Now, we are going to use your responses to tell us which hot rod you would cherish like a new member of the family. Let us peek inside your mind's garage to learn about you, and we'll figure out which hot rod occupies your dreams. All you have to do is get ready, get set, and you know the rest!

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