Quiz: Answer These Random Questions and We'll Correctly Guess How Old Your Truck Is!
Answer These Random Questions and We'll Correctly Guess How Old Your Truck Is!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Is your truck older than the dirt on the dusty back roads you love to drive? The way you respond to the random questions we present you with will help us to make an informed guess about your truck's age! How, on Earth, is that possible? With each question you answer, you will drop a subtle hint about the length of time your truck has been in your life! 

Whether you truck is fresh off the showroom floor or if it's been handed down through generations of your family, we will be able to tell you how old it is based up your random answers: at the least, we'll try to get as close to your truck's actual age as we can. It's only human nature to develop relationships with our vehicles. Not only are they an investment, but they are also part of our families. Our trucks make our lives much easier with their ability to move things and their level of fun! 

As you go through this random question quiz, imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel of your ride. Choose the responses that you find most faithful to you, and we'll let you know how old we think your truck is! Ready to roll?

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