Answer These Random Questions and We'll Reveal Which Country You Truly Belong In
by Kennita Leon

It's easy to feel like we don't belong. Whether it's the people going about their lives around us or the vibe they give off, sometimes, things just don't feel right. This is why we often have thoughts of being from a different town, city or country. Today, we want to determine whether those thoughts of yours are rational because we're going to tell you where you really belong. 

We're going to ask you some random questions, which you'll need to answer as honestly as you can. In return, we'll tell you where you're meant to be. Will your answers tell us that you belong in the land of zero inhibitions and where there's a party every day? Will they tell us that you belong in the country where the city of love makes its home? Will your answers tell us you're a bit more reserved and you belong somewhere where tradition is important? Or do you belong in the land of the free and the home of the brave? 

If you want to find out where your heart (and your body) really belong, take this quiz! Have you been in the right place all along, or is a move to another place in your future? Let's find out.

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