Quiz: Answer These Random Questions and We'll Tell You Which Superpower You Should Have!
Answer These Random Questions and We'll Tell You Which Superpower You Should Have!
By: Khadija L.
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About This Quiz

From the very first comic book where the concept of superpowers was fully realized, almost everyone wanted to know what it would be like to have one of those powers and if they would use it to help others or further themselves. Many of the heroes that we know were born with their abilities, but there were also those who came from another universe, and then there those who were either involved in a freak accident or were science experiments.

There are many heroes out there, some with powers, and some without, but the one who do have them include Flash with his super speed,  Wolverine who has the ability of enhanced regeneration, Hulk who is both super strong and a genius, Hiro Nakamura who is able to manipulate time to many of them who have the ability to fly. 

Would you like to know what kind of superpower you were destined to have? Will you be flying across the skies or walking around invisibly? Will you be able to heal yourself at a breakneck rate or will you be able to manipulate time? Well if you answer the random questions in this quiz, you will be sure to find out! 

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