Quiz: Answer These Random Questions and We'll Tell You if You'd Disappear in "Infinity War"
Answer These Random Questions and We'll Tell You if You'd Disappear in "Infinity War"
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Marvel Studios

About This Quiz

"Avengers: Infinity War" was a lot of things. For one, it was amazing! Well, at least until the very end where, in our humble opinion, some of the best characters disappeared. While we're not too upset to see the Winter Soldier, Star-Lord and Falcon go, we were heartbroken when the King of Wakanda, Spider-Man and yes, Doctor Strange disappeared. 

Now, no one knows why certain people were chosen to stay and why some people weren't, although lots of theories have popped up since the movie's release. Nevertheless, we're going to go with the one reason that makes sense to us, apart from using 'stupidity.' It was totally random. 

And in the spirit of stupid randomness (damn, why did T'Challa have to go!), although this quiz is far from it, we want to find out if you'd end up staying or if you'd become dust like our love, Spidey. So, we're going to ask you some random questions. Your answers will allow us to tell you what your fate is.

If you want to know if you'd become particles in the wind or if you'd remain whole to wonder and mourn those who aren't with you anymore, let's get started on this quiz.

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