Answer These Random Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess What Kind of High School You Went To

Teresa McGlothlin

Are you currently sitting at a desk?

Do you like cheesecake more than you like pudding?

Would you describe your driving as courteous?

Have you ever had an inappropriate dream about a coworker?

Do you make your bed every single morning?

Do you like to watch "Jeopardy?"

Do you get angry when you lose a game of Monopoly?

Are there more than 10 stamps in your passport?

Do you get freaked out when you see a black cat?

Have you ever been arrested or given a ticket?

Would you enjoy working with preschool-aged children?

Would you enjoy taking a yoga class?

Could you give up television for a month?

Do you simply love Taylor Swift's music?

Have you ever taken a solo vacation?

Do you check your horoscope every day?

Do you ever top your burgers with slices of bacon?

Do you stop and ask for directions when you are lost?

Do you believe that there are aliens in our galaxy?

Have you ever been to Disneyworld?

Do you still have a good time at amusement parks?

Would you say that you have excellent swimming skills?

Have you ever been told that you procrastinate?

Do you drink at least one cup of coffee per day?

Do you enjoy going on family camping trips?

Would you say Halloween is your favorite holiday?

Do you wash, fold and put away your laundry on the same day?

Can you recite the alphabet backward?

Do you currently need to clean out your refrigerator?

Do you enjoy the sound of wind chimes?

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About This Quiz

Whether you attended a parochial school or a public high school, you've been left with certain traits directly related to your education. After you answer a series of yes or no questions, we'll be able to correctly guess what type of high school you attended during your formative years. The questions might be random, but you don't have to raise your hand to answer them. 

Seeing the way you respond to random yes or no questions will tell us a lot about the many traits that make up your personality. Once we get a good picture of the things you learned back then, the kind of high school you went to will be clear to us. All we have to do is match your answers with the known traits of certain types of education. 

When you read our yes or no question, listen to the voice inside your head that screams yes or firmly says no. Don't second guess yourself, and choose the answer that your gut instinct is giving you. When you've finished, we'll tally up your responses and relate them to the kind of high school you attended. Will we get it right, or will we need to go back to school? 

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