Answer These Relationship Questions and We'll Give You a College Major

Talin Vartanian

Where would you like to take your biggest crush on a first date?

What is the most important aspect of a successful relationship?

Which of these celebrity couples would you talk to for relationship advice?

Is it more important to argue or listen during a fight with your crush?

Would you become jealous if your crush was flirting with someone else?

What % emotionally intelligent are you actually?

Which of the following relationship pet peeves is a deal-breaker for you?

How would you feel about meeting your significant other's family and friends?

Do you think that it's important to stay friends with your exes?

How many serious relationships have you been in so far?

Is it more important for you to settle down with someone or travel with them?

Are you attracted to other people because of their intellect, personality or their beauty?

If your SO was going to relocate to a different state, would you follow them there?

Name something that scares you about being in a serious relationship.

Are you willing to talk to your significant other about financial problems?

What's the best relationship advice from this list?

Do you believe that every relationship is like a new learning experience?

When is it too soon to move in with someone you love?

Would you ever change who you are to make your significant other happy?

Is it ever OK to lie to your significant other about something?

How quickly would you be able to forgive your significant other for something that they did wrong?

Do you think that romantic holidays like Valentine's Day are overrated?

Is it more important to call or text your significant other to see how they're doing?

Would you rather receive a romantic gift that is expensive or handmade?

Are you willing to do anything to make your significant other happy?

How important is the word "compromise" in a serious relationship?

If your significant other needed to borrow $100, would you give it to them?

Do you tend to pay attention to the little things in a relationship?

Is it easy for you to apologize for your mistakes in life?

Would you rather date someone who is just like you or the opposite of you?

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About This Quiz

A relationship is a learning experience between two people that involves love, communication and happiness. Some people embark on a new relationship to learn about another person, while others do it to learn more about themselves. So ask yourself this: What are you hoping to get out of a relationship? Because if you're going to be with that special someone for the rest of your life, it's important to pre-determine what your goals are for the future.

Relationship goals include overcoming obstacles, taking the time to listen to your partner and keeping the "spark" alive. One way to do this is by surprising your significant other with unexpected gifts or taking them out on dates. In other words, it's important to have fun with the person you love! But a relationship isn't always fun and games, because fights and arguments are bound to happen. But don't worry, because this is normal and healthy for two people to grow and learn more about each other. In fact, knowing how to argue with someone in a polite and civil manner may be more beneficial than you realize! How you act in a relationship will also help us determine what your college major is. If you're curious about how these two are linked together, then take this romantic personality quiz now!

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