Answer These Totally Random Questions and We'll Guess Which Province You Live In

Teresa McGlothlin

How much time do you spend on a treadmill every week?

When you visit friends, do you peek in their refrigerators?

How big was the fish that got away?

What might you have in common with a Disney princess?

On your way to work, do you listen to rock, rap or country?

Have you ever seen a UFO with your naked eye?

How do you pass the time on a long flight?

If you were a farmer, which crop would you grow for harvesting?

Which dairy product could you eliminate from your diet?

Do you call it garbage, waste or rubbish?

If one room in your home could get a makeover, which one would you suggest?

Who would you rather see perform a stadium concert?

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

It's dinnertime! Which of the following are you ordering?

Which item would you buy from an airport vending machine?

Do you believe that cats are smarter than dogs?

Which region of the United States would you like to learn more about?

If you could treat yourself to a luxury item, which one would you like to have?

Which pasta shape make you smile the most?

Would you rather wear a jumpsuit or a pantsuit?

What sort of movie could be written about your love life?

Which of these words best sums up your sense of humor?

Do you have any nicknames you would like to share with us?

Which of these zodiac signs do you have the most in common with at work?

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Did you play Red Rover on the playground in school?

Which hockey position could you dominate?

Do you remember to put on sunscreen when you go out?

How would you tell a crush that you like them?

If you got lost in the woods, how would you find your way out?

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About This Quiz

Canada might border the United States, but the two countries have a lot of differences. While the U.S. has 50 states, Canada has only 10 provinces and three territories. Once you answer the most random questions we could find, we think we'll know exactly which one of those provinces you call your Canadian home. 

From the Pacific coast of British Columbia to the rocky, Atlantic shorelines of Nova Scotia, each Canadian province has a flair all its own. In addition to Canada's wealth of natural forests, glaciers and waterways, it is also home to modern and groundbreaking cities like Montreal and Toronto. Lifestyles, in Canada, are as varied as the landscape, and your answers will put us on the right track to figuring out where you are lucky enough to live.

Instead of asking you about your surroundings, we are going to ask you about things you might not be expecting. We have discovered that you are your truest self when you are put in a position to respond off the cuff. When you read the question, go with the first answer that you find appealing. Then, we'll use them as markers to find out where you live. Will we get your address right? 

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