Quiz: Answer These Totally Random Questions and We'll Tell You Which Creature Is Your Mythical Guardian
Answer These Totally Random Questions and We'll Tell You Which Creature Is Your Mythical Guardian
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Our myths have given us thousands of creatures that reflect the primal fears and hopes of mankind, the things that we represent in our movies, comic books, and novels. Ancient humans didn't have science fiction because of course, they didn't have science. Their mythology was a combination of religion and science fiction.

As representations of our collective psyche, mythological creatures are intensely personal, connected inextricably to our most personal of traits. Fears about an endless array of problems produce the hydra, whereas impotent rage is what lies behind the Minotaur. An examination of one's personality will yield the details we need to tell you which of these monsters of myth appeals to your latent qualities.

Decisions we make every day reveal who we are. People often think the big decisions reveal us, but no one choice can outweigh thousands of choices made across years. Our habits, the random little things we do with our time, define who we are. It is that essence that determines the monsters that haunt us, and those who protect us.

Together, we will take a meandering walk through life, facing you with many choices. Your collective decisions will tell us what we need to know to answer what is your mythical guardian!

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